Director Connections:
A Leadership Training Program for Early Childhood Administrators

Approved by Bright from the Start to meet the Director’s 40 hour pre-licensing requirement!

This 40 hour program provides 4.0 CEU’s and practical information that assists center director in daily operations. Participants will gain valuable insight into the impact a center director has on the quality of the program, and learn best practice strategies for running an early childhood center.
Opening a new center?

Director’s connections is a must for owners and directors who want to get their center off to a high quality start!

Hiring a new director?
Director’s connections will help you get your management team on the same page as they learn principles of leadership that will help you grow your center.

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Director Connections is designed to help participants:

Understand proven systems that make daily operations easier
Meet pre-licensing 40 Hour Director’s Training requirement
Maintain efficient staffing schedules
Develop budgeting, accounting, and fiscal management systems
Gain more enrollments through proven marketing strategies
Make better hiring decisions and have less staff turnover
Develop a professional development plan that retains teachers
Build parents that are partners in the educational process